Asia Insure Event – Born to Protect

Asia Insure Event – Born to Protect


Dear all members of Optima Group We would like to inform you that Asia Insure and Optima Group have officially become strategic partners of each other. We firmly believe that with the support of Asia Insure, you will have a career breakthrough where you will realise that it will be the most significant contribution to your career path and it will help you to conquer new milestones. To commemorate this successful collaboration, we would like to present to all Optima Group members the Reward Program: “Asia Insure & Optima Group Partnership Incentives”. There will be many attractive rewards for the TOP 20 members with the highest number of sales for Asia Insure’s insurance.

  • 1st prize: A Tael of Gold
  • 2nd prize: iPhone 12
  • 3rd prize: Laptop
  • 4th prize: TV
  • 5th prize: Treadmill
  • 6th prize: Washing machine
  • 7th prize: Vacuum cleaner
  • 8th prize: Induction cooker
  • 9th prize: Microwave
  • 10th prize: Smoothie machine
  • And 10 consolation prizes: 10 Lucky gifts

Promotion period: January 19, 2021 to February 19, 2021

The rankings will be updated daily on the website: